Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Legacy of Mothers

In honor of Mother's Day, I've decided to write about the amazing mothers that are a part of my family:

1. Helen Elizabeth Veerman (Grandma Veerman)

Most of what I know about my Grandma Veerman are the stories that I have heard. You see, my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimers when I was five years old. All of my memories are a poor picture of the woman she was. Helen Elizabeth (known to her friends as Betty) was an amazing homemaker and cook. She raised five beautiful children (four of them boys -- one of them my dad -- so you know she's a saint ;) ) and had a long loving marriage with Marvin. I know she was an amazing mother, because she raised my dad, who is pretty awesome. :)

She passed away when I was 13 and I look forward to when I meet her in heaven and learn who she really is, not the Alzheimers version.

2. May Bright (Grandma Bright)

When I think of my Grandma Bright, I think of laughter. Why? Because she was so funny and fun to be around. I think my mom got a lot of her personality from her mother. Grandma Bright was a southern girl and always so loving (and made the best creamed corn). She could easily laugh at herself and the funny moments she would have. She passed away when I was 19, living long enough to be at my sister's wedding, and I look forward to being reunited with her again in heaven.

3. Judith Gail Veerman (Mom)

There aren't enough words to express how amazing my mom is. I am blown away by the blessing of being her daughter. If I could narrow down my mom to two words, they would be: humble servant. My mom is outgoing and extroverted, but she is also a servant with no desire to find honor. She shows her love for her family and others by how she constantly serves, makes herself available to others, and loves others without expecting anything in return. In fact, she prefers not to be in the spotlight.

My mom became a Christian in her early 20s. Even though she has been following Christ and studying his word for almost 50 years now, she still knows there is so much she needs to learn and so many ways she needs to grow. She is humble -- relying on Jesus and knowing that he is always what she needs.

I admire my mom so much. And the admiration has only grown as I've had my own children, watched her love them and play with them, and realized just how much she loves and cares for me.

Thank you, mom, for always being there for me and loving me unconditionally. Our personalities may be different, but we also have so many things in common (outside of the fact that I am physically built just like her) -- our love for HGTV, etc. ;)

I love you, mom. You're the best!

4. Kara Beth Conrad (Sister)

I've also been blessed with the most amazing older sister. I have learned so much from her experiences and have, in many ways, modeled how I parent my children from her.

People can often tell that we are sisters (some even think that we are twins!), but we are actually very different -- she is extremely extroverted, I am more introverted, etc. But, our difference actually bring us closer together. She protects me, defends me, cares for me, pushes me, and is honest with me.

I could write more about her, but her birthday is in a couple of weeks (the big 4-0!) and I will write more then.

I am so thankful for the legacy of mothers in my life and I hope my own parenting reflects their parenting. I pray my children will always know how much they are loved by God and how much I love them.

Happy Mother's Day!

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