Friday, May 22, 2009

Dancing With the Stars vs American Idol -- guess who got it right?

Yes, the DWTS finale was Tuesday and the American Idol finale on Wednesday, so you might have wondered why I have written yet. Well, it's pretty much that I've been trying to process things and calm down, etc. :)

On a positive note, let's start with Dancing With the Stars. I was expecting Giles to win, so it was a surprise that Shawn won. Pretty cool -- I voted for her. Here's the deal: she brought it during the freestyle routine. Past shows have proven that often the person who does the best freestyle routine wins. The best example is when Drew Lachey won DWTS (I can't remember what season -- 2?). Drew and Stacy were the best two dancers. Stacy's freestyle was pathetic and Drew's freestyle is still one of my favorite dances. Drew won. Kudos to Shawn. She did an amazing job -- especially for begin only 17. You can tell she's a competitor and can handle criticism -- she always kept her composure.

Now onto American Idol...

Ugh, America, you've let me down again. Quick side's another reason why DWTS has a better voting system: not only do the judges votes count, BUT you have a limited number of votes. I find it humorous when AI talks about 800 million votes. Well, I voted at least 20 times (yes, I actually voted!), and I know there are plenty of people who would have voted WAY more times. SO LAME Amercian Idol. You need to fix your voting system.

You all know that I'm incredibly disappointed that Kris won (he is talented, I won't discredit him, and he really brought it the past weeks, but Adam is still better). But, I realize that his style and sound of music (college, acoustic, etc.) appeals to a large number of viewers - moms, tween and teen girls, etc. I'm still disappointed though. The thing is, I know a rocker can win (David Cook -- way to go America last year! :) ), so the real reason Adam lost was that the Danny fans and the people who disliked Adam for some dumb reason voted for Kris.

I've only seen the last half hour of the results show (taped the rest), but when Adam and Kris sang Queen's "We Are the Champions" SERIOUSLY think Kris is better! Hearing the two of them sing together showed how much better Adam is. Still wish Allison and Adam were in the final...Oh well. What's done is done. Congrats, Kris.

USA Today had an article talking about how Adam is so much more marketable than Kris. Adam's got the personality and flair to have the endorsements and advertisements. Even though Kris is the "All-American boy," he's limited in his ability to draw people marketing-wise. Again, I agree. Heck, Adam was on the cover of Entertainment weekly a couple of weeks ago! I also respect that Adam didn't talk much about what people thought of him, the rumors, etc. I'm a private person and I understand and respect that. Danny was the widowed worship leader, Kris the married college student, Adam Exactly. I think he was smart. I'm sure there are a million celebrities who wish people didn't know so much about their lives!

*Side note: I do feel bad for Kris that his first song recording will be "No Boundaries." That song is SO cheezy!!! AND it's absolutely horrible for his voice! Poor, poor Kris.*

Here's a key thing: I'm really going to miss seeing Adam perform each week. He's the only contestant that I found myself rewinding so I could hear his perfomance again. Each week, I didn't care tons about the other singers -- I couldn't wait till I got to hear Adam's song and what he would do with it. To me, that shows an amazing performer. I could listen to him over and over. Even though he didn't win, people will always know who he is and he will go far in this business. I already can't wait till he brings out an album and he would be AWESOME to see in concert. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DWTS Finale

I got to watch the Dancing with the Stars finale last night!! Woo hoo!! Everyone really did a great job and Shawn, Giles, and Melissa are definitely the three that should be there. So, last night...

I agree with everything the judges said. In the freestyle, Shawn was amazing. Her dance was fun, had a lot of tricks but also a lot of dancing. They were really in sync. Melissa was a disappointment. VERY disjointed and un-entertaining. Even the audience thought so (if you listen, the response was A LOT less than the response to Shawn and Mark's dance).

Here's what is really disappointing: Tony is a great professional dancer, but he bombs in the finals. He had Stacy Keebler in the finals and she did one of the most boring freestyle routines and it didn't highlight her talent at all. And he did the same thing with Melissa. Gotta blame that on the professional. I think that Shawn should be above Melissa not just because of the freestyle dance (Shawn got a perfect score), but becuase Shawn does her routines almost flawlessly everytime and she really becomes a part of the dance. Melissa misses a lot of her steps and there is sometimes a disconnect. PLUS, what really aggravates me about Melissa is that her outfits are getting skimpier and skimpier. It's almost as if she is trying to win the audience over with her body and not her ability (plus, many of her fans want her to succeed because they feel bad for her and what happened on "The Bachelor").

Giles has been the frontrunner all the way, even getting comments from the judges that it was hard to tell who the professional dancer is -- plus, his partner is Cheryl and she's awesome. His freestyle fell a little bit short as well. Cheryl does amazing freestyle routines (amazing routines, in general), so I was surprised that this was a little sub-par, especially since she is dancing with one of the best partners she has had EVER on DWTS. Giles, however, will probably win (and rightfully should) because he is an amazing dancer.

So, here's how I think things should look: Winner -- Giles; 2nd place -- Shawn; 3rd place -- Melissa. I guess we'll see tonight.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

American Idol -- can you believe I'm actually following it?!

This is the first year that I've followed American Idol. I started to get into it some last year -- watched most of the stuff through YouTube -- mainly because I really liked David Cook. I refused to watch AI for years but finally gave in.

I have really enjoyed the season. Adam Lambert is by far the best one and so amazing to watch. It seems like most people either love him or hate him, and this is what I have to say: There is no denying that he is the best vocalist, musician, and performer in this competition. Some people thinks he is cocky, but I think he's confident. He's been able to come out and have great performances EVERY NIGHT. Plus, whether or not you think he's cocky, whether or not you believe he is gay, HE IS THE BEST MUSICIAN! He deserves to win.

I think all three of the contestants really brought their A game this past week. Danny's "You Are So Beautiful" moved me to tears -- especially on the results show when I kept picturing him singing it about his deceased wife. Adam's version of U2's "One" was a great tribute to the band -- he stayed true at the beginning and then brought some of his own feeling into it. Even though he changed it some, the message of the song was brought out just as much as in the original.

Okay, now I might offend some people here, but this is my opinion on Kris: he should have been voted out two weeks ago, when Allison got voted off the show. I hear so many people talk about his potential, but I haven't seen him live up to it yet. He does too many catches and swoops with his voice instead of varying the sound. I feel like people vote for him because he is a pretty boy and comes across very humble. People vote for Kris not because he is the best, but simply because they don't like Adam.

This is what's hard about a show based totally on America -- the majority don't know what it takes to be a good musician and performer. As you know, "Dancing With the Stars" is one of my favorite shows. And what I really like is that the judges' score counts for half and the viewers' score counts for the other half. So, the people WHO REALLY KNOW ABOUT DANCE get a say, but America can still rally around their favorites. BTW, the top three this week (Giles, Melissa, and Shawn) are exactly who should be there. Way to go, America!

BTW, now that I'm on a rant :), does Kara (the new Idol judge) drive anyone else crazy? I think she adds a lot of great information and counteracts Paula, but she talks SO much. The more she talks, the more Paula talks. Honestly, the only person I really care to listen to is Simon. :)

Ha ha! I'm getting really animated while writing this blog. :)

Look, here's the deal: As you know, I'm very conservative in my views. But I don't think Adam should get penalized for possibly being gay. He's a great musician. Period. God has given him a gift and who knows what God will be capable of doing with it. Have you ever been passed by on something simply for being a Christian? Or for having conservative values?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Whew!...Ugh...Oh boy!

That's it! I can't do it! I can't seem to keep up with this blog thing. I mean, how could I have not updated on all the AWESOME things that have been happening in my life. Time flies!! Guess I need to play catch-up...AGAIN.

Walter and I went on our Caribbean cruise the end of February (flew home on our wedding anniversary -- March 2nd). I can't believe we've been married two years. I am so blessed to have married my best friend. Everything is better when I'm with him. :) Anyways, back to the cruise. We left out of San Juan, Puerto Rico and went to Aruba, Bonaire, Grenada, Dominica, and St. Thomas then back to San Juan. It was AWESOME and Grenada was my favorite -- the people are SO nice and we had the best tour guide ever. I also enjoyed St. Thomas where Walter and I rented a scooter and went all over the island. We got to see everything!

I now only work part-time for my dad at Livingstone -- Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. It's been great. We've been struggling some with work, so I feel so much more productive and I have time to do Premier stuff during the day and not spend the evenings Walter and I have together doing it. And I DID do Women's Bible Study this past semester! :)

There's probably so much more I could post, but I need to get back to work. I do have a lot of cool stuff coming up, so I should be posting again soon. REMIND ME!!!