Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Well, my brother-in-law, Nate, had the whole Veerman family sign up for Facebook, so I've been even worse about blogging. I don't really check my Facebook account that much, but it let's me know what other people do and so I go to the site and play from there. I have heard from people, however, that they still check my blog. Sorry!

So, this Thursday, Walter and I will be married for five months. Awesome! I love being married and we are having a wonderful time. It seems like we've been married longer, because we are so close and I can barely remember when we just engaged! :) Walter has such a good heart and I am so blessed to have him as my husband. I love him so much! He is the love of my life and I'm constantly thanking God that I get to spend a lifetime with him.

Earlier in July, we had the Veerman family reunion in Lancaster, PA. It was a great time and I love getting together with everyone. It is awesome to have such a close and caring family. I am truly blessed.

This past week was spent in our cottage at Lake Nebagamon, WI. It's so beautiful there and we had a wonderful time jet-skiing, boating, and enjoying the beauty and peacefulness of the lake. We loved playing with my two nieces, Natalie (4) and Amy (2), who absolutely LOVE the water. Natalie has become a good swimmer and Amy will try anything--she started holding her breath and going under water! Maybe they'll be swimmers like their Aunt Dana. Of course, the girls adore Uncle Walter and they could care less about me when he is around. It warms my heart whenever I see him with them--he is such an amazing man and really good with kids.

Oh, as of April 1st, I've now been with Livingstone for one year. I can hardly believe it--the time has just flown by. It's great to have a job that I like so much and I continue to enjoy my time here.

I know that none of this is super interesting (I guess nothing can really compete with wedding plans :) ), but it's a little bit of an update. I'll try to write more as I think about it. My sister usually does a good job letting me know what I should write!