Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanks for your prayers!

First of all, I need to mention that I have the most wonderful husband. He is so loving and supportive and I am so blessed to have him in my life. God is so good to me. :)

Thank you so much for all of your prayers for Walter's job. Walter got a new job and started Thursday of last week! He is working for Bengal Capital in downtown Chicago. It's a growing trading company and Walter is in charge of all their computer and networking stuff. It's great because he in many ways gets to be his own boss. So far he is really enjoying it. He takes the 5:30am train into the city and then comes home no later than the 4:30pm train. He pretty much works when the stock exchange is open. He enjoys working in the city again (about ten years ago he worked in the Sears tower) and the time to "check-out" on the train. Plus, it's so nice to have him on a consistent routine -- now I'm the one who's not around! :)

My jewelry business continues to thrive and grow. Even though the economy is struggling, our company and my business isn't. Our jewelry is so affordable, that people are still willing to spend and we make such good income that people consistently want to get involved. The most amazing thing is that Premier is 100% debt-free! That was a huge priority for the founders when they started the company in 1985. So, in these tough economic times, this company is around to stay! It's wonderful to be working with such an amazing, biblically-based company.

On another note...I'm so sad the Cubs let Kerry Wood go. I understand the reason why, but it's still tough. :( Oh, well. Life will go on.

Ooo...and to peak your honor of turning 30 in less than a month, I've decided to totally change my hair. Yep, I'm going to chop it! I have NEVER had short hair, so wish me luck. My hair appointment is on Tuesday and I'll be sure to post a photo. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I love the internet!

Well, because Walter and I are already taping two shows on our DVR on Monday nights, I haven't been able to watch "Dancing with the Stars." :( BUT, then I realized yesterday, I CAN WATCH THE EPISODES ONLINE!!! I am so excited!! Seriously, the internet is awesome! (Can you tell that I'm a little bit addicted to DWTS?)

This past Friday night, some of my friends and I went to the "So You Think You Can Dance" Tour concert. Umm...AWESOME! I didn't really watch the show until this past season (and only on and off). It was so much fun.

Back to DWTS...that is connected because Lacey (the professional with Lance Bass) is a former finalist on "So You Think You Can Dance." The judges got on her this past week for showboating her skills too much and not helping Lance to shine. I'm with them. Lacey says that the judges are just hard on her because she is new, but they have never done this to the other new pro dancers. Gotta be honest, I don't know her, but so far she has come off a little bit cocky, as though she knows more than the judges. In many of the dances, she hasn't followed the rules...even though Lance isn't a great dancer, she isn't really helping him become a better one. As Len eloquently put it: "The show is called 'Dancing with the Stars' not 'Dancing around the Stars." Maybe she's just really insecure and feels like she needs to prove herself.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


There have been some changes at the Niesluchowski household recently. First of all, Walter and I adopted a 5 year old female black lab mix (fully trained) and a kitten from the Humane Society a few weeks ago. Actually, it was less than a week from when we put down our cat, Miles. They are so sweet. They fooled us, however. We thought they were both mild-mannered...boy were we wrong! Midnight (the dog) follows us everywhere and we think that Cole (the kitten) must be on crack because he darts all over the house and is super hyper. He also loves to crawl all over my neck and face at night and play in my hair, so we now have to lock him out of our room at night. :)

The next big change is that Walter was let go by his company on Friday. Total surprise. It's a bummer, but also a huge blessing. The travel, politics, people, etc. were killing him and it was time for him to get out of there. Walter had thought about leaving, but that's always a hard choice to make -- he would have been there 10 years in February. I really think that God decided to step in and make the decision for us. It will be great to have him home more (not traveling) and give us the opportunity to spend time together. Plus, we can go on a vacation without work bothering him! Yea!! :) Thankfully, we can switch to my health insurance at work. Plus, I have my Premier Designs jewelry business to bring in additional income -- God gives us what we need before we even know it.

Walter's had an amazing attitude about everything (thank you, God), but it is still difficult -- he really enjoys working. Please be praying for us and the new adventure that lies ahead. Pray that God would guard Walter's heart, mind, and soul from the doubts and negative thoughts Satan might throw his way. And pray that I will know how to support and encourage him as his wife and best friend.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

You asked for it, you got it!

Per Amanda's "Dancing With the Stars" update.

After this first week, here is my opinion. Brooke Burke is by far the best dancer and the most natural of anyone -- plus, she's really sweet. I love how she danced with her baby. :) I think Toni Braxton does a great job as well. I don't really care for Kim K. and think she should have been voted off yesterday. I mean, come on, she's not a good dancer. I don't think she'll go far. Ted McKinley wasn't great, but he shouldn't have gone off yet. He actually did better than some other people.

Okay, gotta admit people, I know that everyone enjoys watching an 82-year-old Cloris Leachman "dance," but she isn't any good. Yes, there is some grace shown toward her because of her age, but it's a bummer to watch other people who are better get voted off simply to keep watching her. (On a side note, I think it's so cool that Mark's dad, Corky, is another one of the professional dancers this year). I'm glad that the judges are rating by her ability and not because she is 82. Last year, just because Marlee Matlin is deaf, she didn't stay on because of her handicap, but because she was good. :)

I had a blast watching Warren Sapp fly around the floor. As he put it, "I'm just a safety in a 300 lb body." Maurice Green has some moves too, although Cheryl is one of my favorite professional dancers and knows how to bring the best out of people.

I think the judging has been great and they have really been working together. They have such a great dynamic and I appreciate everything they have to say. I have also enjoyed how the show use the judges scores and the viewers scores to determine a winner -- that's the problem I have with "American Idol" -- all viewers votes and most don't have a clue about singing...and Simon's the only one who gives any input by which you can judge a performance.

Well, hopefully they'll be more next week for Amanda to read...does anyone else even bother to read this blog anymore?...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New happenings!

I'm not much of a cat person and I inherited Miles the cat when Walter and I got married. Unfortuantely, one week ago (September 13), we had to put Miles to sleep. :( It was horrible. I had become attached to him and I was heartbroken and Walter was devastated when it happened. Miles kept me company when Walter traveled. So sad.

Now the story, however, gets quite amuzing. :) Long story short, on Wednesday, I met Walter at the Naperville Area Humane Society. We were smitten. So, on Thursday, we adopted a 5-year-old black female lab mix dog named Midnight (the same name as my childhood dog -- Providence!). She is completely trained and SO SWEET!! But wait! There's more!! WE ALSO GOT A KITTEN!! His name is Cole and is also black and SO CUTE!! It's hard to believe we got another cat. (Those of you who know me are probably laughing right now). :) We have our own mini-zoo at our house!

Midnight and Cole get along really well and Midnight loves to chase Cole around the house. She is really sweet towards him. They are both so loving and follow me around EVERYWHERE. I think they are competing to get the most attention from me. :) I love having both of them so much. I had a little bit of anxiety at first, but it has been nice. Walter went out of town yesterday and it was really nice having them around. Plus, I'm able to have Midnight run with me in the mornings while it is still dark, so I feel a little bit more protective (although she rarely barks or even whines).

I'll try to post pictures...but I suck at that, so I probably won't -- just being honest.

In other AWESOME news: the Cubs are in the playoffs AND have home field advantage all the way till the World Series (which they will make and win). :)

"Dancing with the Stars" started last night and I saw some of it. No one really stands out this season so far. Unusual. Maybe I've just watched it so often that I can now analyze all the dancing moves and holds. :) Ha!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I suck...but I've been having fun!

I got all motivated to try to continously blog back in March and have failed miserably. Since then, David Cook won American Idol (woohoo!!!) and the Cubs swept the White Sox this past weekend (double woohoo!!). :)

Walter has been traveling like crazy lately (this is week 8 in a row) and I'm looking forward to when we can spend time together at home! Two weeks ago I traveled with him to Anaheim, California for one of his work trips. With my job, as long as I have a computer and internet, I can pretty much work from anywhere, so when he was working, I worked. We had a great time -- usually worked in the morning and then relaxed the rest of the day. On Sunday, we drove straight from the airport to LA to see the Cubs play the Dodgers. Cubs won, of course! ;) Monday evening, we had dinner at Downtown Disney (we stayed just a couple of blocks from Disney). Tuesday we headed to Laguna Beach -- LOVED IT! It is such a cute little artsy town (and I got some new Reefs while we were there). On Wednesday, I got to visit with my dear college friend, Katie Shubin, who I haven't seen in a few years. It was AWESOME!! It felt like no time had passed at all. Thursday we hung out at Long Beach and then meet our friends John and Amanda Huddle for dinner at an awesome BBQ place -- Lucille's (recommended by Katie). Once again, it was such a treat to spend time with them. Amanda and I grew up together in Naperville -- neighborhood and church. Friday was spent all day at Disneyland!! Yea!! Walter hasn't been to Disney before, so it was really a treat. I still want to take him to Disney World sometime -- there is definitely a difference between the two.

My jewelry business is going great and I still love it! It is such an enriching and rewarding experince! I have also been enjoying spending time with my nieces -- they are so adorable and sweet. They make me want to have children., I'm not pregnant, just someday...

BTW, if you want to read the funniest blog EVER, check out my friend Amanda's blog:

Later!! No promises on when I'll post again. :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dancing the Tango and Jive

I have to say that everyone on "Dancing with the Stars" did quite well last night. Watching Marlee Matlin brings tears to my eyes. She did a great job last night again. This time, she did get a little bit off beat, but she can't hear the music! I am always amazed by her. Shannon Elizabeth did a great job with the jive and Kristi Yamaguichi did well on her tango. I was really impressed with Priscilla Presley and her tango last night. She was really in character and her steps were all very sharp and precise. Kudos to her.

Jason Taylor looked great. He has the smoothness and rythmn, but I agree with the judges that there needed to be a little more snap with his movements on the jive (he needs to snap his legs on the kicks). Other than that, he really has remarkable dancing abilities and I think he is the best male on the show.

I must say that I agree with the judges and their response to Marissa Jaret Winoker's jive. I think she could have done really well, but her dancing was boring -- her smile pops, but her dancing doesn't. I didn't feel any energy in her dancing and I was disappointed. You can tell she has such potential and is determined, but she must be thinking too much while she dances.

One of the things I love about the stars this year is that they all handle the criticism professionally (well, now that Penn Jillette off the show...and not including Marissa who seems to cry after any criticism). I like that the judges are always constructive and encouraging and the participants overall can listen and handle the judges comments. Even when the dancers have an opportunity to complain, they instead thank the judges for their criticism! Wow. The performers on "American Idol" should learn from them. :)

(BTW, I've been told that I look like Kristy Lee Cook from "American Idol." Looks? Fine, but please do not say that I act or sound anything like her. It's not a compliment.)

Friday, March 28, 2008


Well, I missed American Idol on Tuesday, but I heard about David Cook's rendition of "Billy Jean." Now, since I've only recently tuned into the show on and off, I hadn't heard many of the guys sing yet. Anyways, I just listened to it on YouTube (what would we do without YouTube?) and David Cook was AMAZING! Oh my gosh, I loved hearing him sing that song!

If he ends up putting out an album and sounds consistently good like that song, I will be buying the album AND going to his concert.

So, fav guy right now: David Cook. Fav girl: gotta love Brooke White. :) Those two alone just might get me hooked on this show! (Never thought I would say that -- I've been refusing to watch it for years!)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol?

So, I've been watching "American Idol" some this year. I know, shocker. I have to say that I really enjoy all of Simon's comments. He really tries to be constructive and it's good for people to hear the truth -- it's easy for those closest to us to tell us how wonderful we are...if we only view ourselves based on their judgement, we'll have a false sense of self.

Anyways, the audience needs to stop automatically booing everytime he talks. What he says is good and he deserves more respect. I actually kept telling the audience to "shut up" while I was watching. It frustrates me...

Dancing With the Stars...again!!

Yes, Amanda, I am back to watching "Dancing with the Stars." I love this show! I had so much fun watching everyone dance. Jason Taylor (NFL player for Miami) was fantastic and fun to watch. Kristi Yamaguchi was near perfect and Shannon Elizabeth was so graceful. But, my favorite performance to watch was that of Marlee Matlin. Wow. For those of you who don't watch the show, she's deaf. Yeah, it's pretty cool. She's a fabulous dancer and even the judges talked about how she had good "musicality."

My in-laws are deaf, so it's even more special to watch her dance. (Actually, this is my mother-in-law's favorite TV show!) I have been incredibly impressed and hope that she goes far. I tried to vote last night, but my email was super slow and by the time I decided to text message (couldn't remember the numbers, so had to go online to get them), it was too late.

On the other side, as sweet as she is, Monica Seles is by far the worst of the female dancers and for the men, both Penn Jillette and Adam Corolla need to go soon.

I've noticed that the judges are harder this year. Although I think Kristi should have gotten at least one 10 last night (they all told her that her performance was perfect and couldn't find anything wrong), the judges had definitely gotten a little too generous the last time I watched it. Two seasons ago, it seemed like they were constantly giving away 9s and 10s.

Oh yeah, and Priscilla Presley has had WAY too much botox. Her face doesn't even more. The sad thing is that I would really like to see how she would look without the botox. She's the kind of person who will always look beautiful as she ages. It's too bad she's let the botox "deform" her face. :( I'm not trying to be critical, it just really saddened me... (the funny thing is, everyone knows she was married to Elvis Presley, so we all know her approximate age -- the botox isn't fooling anyone!).

Anyways, one male and one female are eliminated tonight -- they changed it up this year! Can't wait to find out!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's Been How Long?...

Hmm...kind of forgot about my blog, but I am going to try posting again. This past Sunday was Walter and my first wedding anniversary! Can you believe it's already been a year? And I love him more and more every single day. :) (Cheezy, I know, but true). We are going to try to head to Vegas at the end of the month to celebrate. Walter has to go there for work, so why not go the weekend ahead and have some fun. Woo hoo! I'm excited. I hope it all works out.

Also on Sunday, my dear friend Debbie Marcey got married! She is now Mrs. Deborah (Debbie) DeVore. Yea! I'm so happy for her. Of course, the wedding was beautiful and the reception was wonderful. She was a gorgeous bride!

My jewelry business is going GREAT!!! I love it! It has done more for me than I ever imagined and it continues to grow (along with my confidence and self-image). I am truly blessed and grateful that God brought this opportunity into my life. Take a look at the website: You can't see a catalog, but you can learn a lot more about this wonderful company. I would love to be able to do this full-time (a.k.a. around 40 hours a MONTH).

Since I last posted, my two nieces had a birthday: Natalie is now 5 and Amy is 3! How the time flies...I can hardly believe that it's been almost five years since I lived in North Carolina. Wow.

That's all for now. Later!