Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More changes!

It's been awhile since I quit my job at The Little Gym and I have yet to inform everyone as to what is currently happening in my life. Let's just say, it's an adventure of faith. I am working a lot of hours at Ann Taylor LOFT and doing part-time work for my dad. Also, I will begin teaching voice lessons starting in January. It's hard to always know where the money will come from, but God provides.

There came a point at The Little Gym where I knew that I had to get out of there (I had been looking for a new job for about 9 months) and my parents even agreed. I looked at my budget and prayed a lot about it. I felt God calling me to take a step of faith and he gave me faith before, during, and after my resignation. It's amazing how God works. He never leaves us alone and he is always there for us. There are times when it feels like he will never answer and we will be in the valley forever, but he always brings us out and loves us. I can look back now and see specifically why God had me stay at my job for so long.

God is good and I am enjoying this adventure of faith. Keep my in your prayers. Pray that I continue to trust him and his promises concerning my future.

Birthday Joy

So, yesterday was my 27th birthday. I can't believe that I am 27! My birthday has been wonderful. It's amazing how birthdays change as you get older. When you're younger, it seems to be more about popularity, and you base the quality of your birthday on how many people know, etc. Now it's different. I'm overwhelmed with all the birthday phone calls and cards I've received -- all meaningful and heartfelt. I'm realizing how much I am loved. My heart is full. The Lord has richly blessed me and I feel his love through all of you. Thank you.