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What Do You Believe?

The current discussion on social media these days has a lot to do with people's beliefs -- especially politically and with hot topics, etc. We are quick to point out if someone is leaning a certain way because of their beliefs...and then say that he/she is wrong to do so. However, we ALL make EVERY decision based our own set of beliefs (current culture is simply mad that your belief is different than its belief). And that includes our feelings about health and wellness.Have you ever thought of that before? How do your current beliefs of health, wellness, nutrition, exercise, etc. affect your lifestyle? With all the diet fads, past and present, our beliefs can be all over the place. I think one of the biggest belief most people have is that it won't effect me. I can have the hamburger, large fries, and jumbo Coke because it tastes good, I enjoy it, and I deserve it. If it tastes good, how can it be bad for me?Or another belief: eating well means that I can't enjoy any good …
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Everyone Has a Story

It's 8:50pm and I need to return a couple of Redbox videos by 9:00pm. I jump into my car and head to the nearest and easiest Redbox to access which is at Walmart. Walmart is not my favorite place and I pretty much only go in there to use the Redbox. This isn't to start a debate about who has lower prices -- I simply don't care for how their businesses are run and choose to not support them. End of subject.

As I entered Walmart, there was a young couple -- looked like only teenagers -- entering the store with their young baby. I glanced at them and wondered what their story was. Did they get pregnant and were forced to move out and survive on their own? Or was this simply time that the three of them could spend together since they live apart? Perhaps their little family is together at her parents' house? Or maybe they just look REALLY young? Anyways, it got me thinking about how rarely I think about other people's stories.

I have found myself often judging some of t…

Know Your Worth

Four weeks ago, I partially tore my calf muscle while running. I knew that I would have to take a break from running for around three weeks. As I was telling a close friend of mine about my calf injury, she jokingly said to me, "Don't you go and get fat on me."

Now, to be fair to her, she was secure enough in our friendship and how I look, that she knew it was okay to joke with me, so I wasn't offended. It did get me thinking, though.

You see, not too many years ago, I would have obsessed over that statement and been sent in a downward spiral. I worried that I would gain weight if I went just one day without working out. And on the days I didn't work out, I obsessed about what I could eat. I actually remember driving in my car one day, wondering if I could eat anything if I didn't workout. What?! I was so caught up in the idea of replacing calories when I worked out, that I forgot that calories are needed in order to LIVE. So silly (and don't worry, I ate…

What's Your Excuse?

The excuses are rampant: I'm too busy; my kids come first; I don't like to exercise; I'll do ______ first, then I'll start getting healthy; is it really that important if I eat well and exercise? We all die one day -- might as well do what I want to...

That's a good question. Is important to be healthy? Well, if you want to have energy, keep up with your kids, not fall asleep constantly during the day, and live a long life (God-willing), the answer is YES! But the world around you will tell you it isn't.

In today's society, we are so caught up in everyone feeling good about themselves (every kid gets a trophy; it's okay if you are obese as long as you love yourself) that we allow people to live unhealthy lives. I know that there are legit medical conditions that cause people to gain weight or make it incredibly difficult to lose weight. And healthy looks different for all of us. I'm not just talking about pant-size, I'm talking about thriving an…

Forever Friends

First of all, before I begin, I need to apologize to my friends for being absent this summer. Not only have I been busy with my kids' numerous activities (especially in the evenings), but my sister and her family to Ohio on July 17th. Any free time that I had was spent with them (pool time, Great America, Raging Waves). Pretty much all my free time went to my family. I have missed my friends and look forward to spending more time with them soon.

In past posts, I've mentioned how I struggle with friendships. I want to write about the friends that have had an amazing impact on my life.

1. Lauren and I became friends when she moved to my school in 8th grade. We connected immediately and enjoyed years of singing together, roaming the halls, sleepovers, etc. In high school, our nicknames were Fire (Lauren) and Ice (me). We lost touch some through college, but God works in amazing ways. We reconnected and have been stronger friends since. She is my "kindred spirit" and a s…

Summer Loves

I don't know about you, but this summer has been super busy (with all good things) and seems to be flying by! How is it already almost July?! I have hardly updated my website or written a newsletter or blog because I am constantly running to another one of my kids' events. But I love it. :) My children are only young once and I love spending every single second with them (even when they are crying because I said no to candy -- I'm such a mean mom).

I am constantly looking for ways to make myself and my family healthier and enjoy life to the fullest, so here are a few more of my newest favorite things:

1. The Trekkie Skort by Athleta

Okay, so it isn't about being healthy, but these skorts are so dang comfortable and they make me look put together while requiring minimal effort. I love summer. I love the warm weather and wearing shorts, a sports shirt, and sandals. With this skort, I look a little more fancy, while not sacrificing on ease. The side pockets are perfect fo…

Best. Sister. Ever.

I know many people brag that they have an amazing sister, but I really hit the jackpot. Today, my older sister turns 40! :)

My sister is one of the most loving, friendly, caring, extroverted people I know. She cares passionately for her friends and family. She knows how to reach out to people and draw them in. She's an amazing teacher and leader and a phenomenal MC for any type of event. She is a wonderful wife, mother, and woman of God.

I've always looked up to my sister. I remember as a child, sitting in her room and staring at her while she talked on the phone (which drove her crazy!) -- I wasn't even listening to the conversation...I just wanted to be in the same room as her. That's how much I adored her. When she went off to college (we are four years apart in school), I clearly remember her coming home and saying how she never really appreciated me or realized how much she loved me until she went off to school. ;)

Each stage of life has only brought us closer and…