Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Walter is in Canada

Walter headed to Vancouver, Canada for work this past Sunday and returns on Friday. This is the longest he's been away since we got married and I miss him so much. He was supposed to go to Finland for eight days, but that got moved to November.

I've been finding ways to keep myself busy so I don't get too lonely or sad. I seem to be doing well. Of course, I miss him most when I go to sleep and he's not with me. It's okay, though. I'm so thankful that I have a husband who loves his job and is good at what he does. This travel is for work, so even though I miss him a lot, I know that ultimately he is doing it to provide for me and I'm cool with it. I can't wait until he gets home!! :) I need to do something special for him...

A good friend of mine from high school was in town for her sister's wedding, so we hung out Monday night. Last night, I had some ladies over to do some scrapbooking and hang out. We had a really fun time. Not sure what I'm going to do tonight...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day weekend

I'm finally finished with the flower beds! I spent five hours Saturday mulching the sides and back of our house. Whew! It was a big job but feels great to have it done -- and it looks fantastic. I got a massage from my friend Jen on Monday. :)

We definitely kept busy this weekend. Sunday, we ran from activity to activity. Even though it was busy, we were glad to have gotten to see people and hang out. It was also our sixth month anniversary!! Time goes by so fast and things just get better and better in our relationship. I feel so blessed and am constantly thanking God for such a wonderful husband.

On Monday, Walter's parents came over and his dad helped to install a ceiling fan in our bedroom. There were a lot of snags and it went WAY longer than expected. Oh well! The fan, however, looks fabulous...and works great. :) Walter got hit hard with a cold yesterday and hopefully, he'll get over it soon -- not fun.

We're heading to another Cubs game tomorrow with our friends, Scott and Jen Larsen. It should be a blast!