Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wedding Update

Walter and I have gotten some more accompolished for our wedding. This past Friday, we chose the tuxes and got him all measured, etc. Now it's his responsibility to get all the guys in to get measured. I'm not worried at all -- he reminded me about the tuxes!

On Saturday, we went and picked out our wedding bands! We decided on mine right away, but he is still debating on his ring. We got them at the same place Walter got my engagement ring (Merry Richards in Oakbrook, IL).

Yesterday, Walter booked our first night! How exciting! No, I am not telling you where -- there are some people that I don't trust with this information. ;)

We still need to find a DJ and videographer. It is taking us forever to do this part. We just need to make a decision.

By the way, (this has nothing to do with the wedding) I just found out that Wheaton College is playing Northwestern University in basketball on Thursday, December 14th! NCAA Div. 3 vs. Div 1. It should be interesting.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dancing the Night Away...

For those of you wondering, I am still watching Dancing With the Stars. What an exciting season! There are some really phenomenal dancers. In case you're not watching, Joey Lawrence (from Blossom -- "Whoa!"), Mario Lopez (Slater on Saved By the Bell), and Emmitt Smith (one of the best running backs in NFL history) made it to the semi-finals. All three of the dancers are awesome and I've never seen a season with three such amazing dancers at the end. The biggest surprise to people is probably Emmitt Smith, but he is unbelieveable -- incredibly smooth, light on his feet, and able to move those hips! The semi-finals was Tuesday and all of the dancers did great. The results show, however, was last night and someone had to go.

Unfortunately, it was time for Joey to go. You could tell that everyone was upset he had to leave (Mario looked a little choked up). I really wish they could have all won. It was that close.

Hey, you want to hear something really cool!! Dancing With the Stars is going on tour! Some of the celebrities and dancers and touring together and they are coming to Chicago on January 5th! How awesome is that?! I know, I'm pathetic.

Less then Four Months!!!

This engagement thing is going by WAY too slow. For those of you who say it goes fast, what did you do to make the time go by? We feel like time is just standing still. Hopefully, the holidays will make time go by faster.

Walter and I made our honeymoon reservations last week!!! :) How fun! We have our first pre-marital counseling session this Saturday. We'll probably go look at tuxes that day as well. I still need to get a videographer for the ceremony and a DJ. I think because everyone I've talked to has been available, I've just been slacking. Pretty soon I think I'll start cake-tasting. :) mmm...

I can't wait till our wedding and we get to spend the rest of our lives together. We are having so much fun decorating the house, etc. (I'm selling my townhouse and moving into Walter's house after we're married).

I know these are just a bunch of random thoughts, but I need to give you some type of update.