Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Year, New You

This post is a little delayed, but maybe it will inspire you to get back to your New Year's resolutions that have already fallen to the wayside.

It's a new year -- let's make it a great one. I've got some big plans for this year and the near future and I wanted to give you five things that you can do this year to become healthier and learn to thrive.

1. Get Moving!

I encourage you to get some type of pedometer or other tracking device (I love my Fitbit Charge) to track how many steps you are actually taking each day. Not only will you realize how little (or how much) you move each day, but, if you're competitive like me, you will find yourself determined to meet those goals each day. My Fitbit records my steps, calories, stairs, miles, and tracks my sleep as well. When I meet my goal for the day, it vibrates on my wrist (surprises me every time). There are a variety of options out there, but I recommend getting one and get moving! You will feel so much better and more energized.

2. Get a good vitamin!

The reality is that it is impossible for us to get all the minerals and vitamins that our bodies need everyday. It is so important to take your vitamins. And not just any vitamins, but GOOD vitamins. I am a big fan of USANA's vitamins (in the picture, the gray box is the USANA vitamins -- only vitamin that actually keeps an apple from oxidizing). I have so much more energy now that I am on a good vitamin and getting all the daily nutrition that I need.

3. Get the crud out of your system!

There are a variety of ways to to this and I would be happy to help you make some healthy nutritional changes, but here is one simple way to start your day: squeeze 1/2 of a lemon into 8oz of warm water and drink it first thing in the morning. This will help to detoxify your liver and get your day off to a good start. I put lemon essential oil into my glass water bottle and drink that every morning. Love it!

4. Get rid of the chemicals!

Start small. I love Norwex products, but there are a lot of great low chemical products out there (Seventh Generation, etc.). Remember, whatever touches your skin gets into your body, so keep that in mind. I suggest starting with getting rid of the chemicals that get on your clothing from your laundry. STOP USING DRYER SHEETS. They are loaded with chemicals. Switch to dryer balls. Also switch to a chemical-free laundry detergent (I use Seventh Generation).

5. Get oily!

Umm...what? You've probably heard a little about essential oils through social media. But what are they? Short version: they are the oils derived from plants God has given us. They are a great way to first treat ailments without running to a medication. I have numerous testimonials of how they have helped me and my family. First step for this year -- go to a workshop to hear about the oils. The first workshop I went to, I knew NOTHING about the oils and now I am crazy about them. :) I am constantly leading and attending workshops, so if you want more information or want to attend one, just let me know.

Here's to a heathier new year and you!