Thursday, September 07, 2006

Don't Give Up On Me Yet

Okay, okay, I've started to slack again. I'm sorry Amanda. It's a good thing I have Walter -- HE reminded me to write on the blog. Ha!

So, I was told that it would take 12 weeks for my wedding dress to arrive. One week later, I get a phone call that my dress is in! Wow! So, I have the dress...can we just go ahead and get married? :)

Anyway, in order to prepare for my wedding, I felt that it was finally time to spend the money and get LASIK. This past Tuesday, I got my eyes examined to see if I am a candidate and...I am! So, on Friday of next week (9/15), I'm getting LASIK! Yea!!! I'll let you know how it goes.

Still need to find a photographer, videographer, and DJ (Walter's in charge of finding the DJ). We've also begun to look for someone to do invitations. Less than six months till my wedding!

If I think of more to add, I'll let you know!