Friday, October 19, 2007

My New Adventure

What's my new adventure? I'm starting my own business (while still keeping my current one) selling jewelry with Premier Designs High Fashion Jewelry! I am so excited! My first show/training show was last night and got me even more excited!!! The jewelry is beautiful, affordable, and has a great guarantee!

The company is wonderful. It's a Christian company and part of their profits goes to missions. The company was founded 22 years ago as a ministry to help stay-at-home moms earn some money and to support missions. The founders, Andy and Joan Horner, were in their 60s when it was started and, funny story, their daughter works for Livingstone! It's a small world.

Anyway, I would love to tell you more about it. Plus, there are awesome hostess benefits...Or, if any of you even have some interest in selling it, just let me know.

So, pray for me and wish me luck on this new adventure. I'm pumped!

*BTW, Amanda, I'm not watching "Dancing with the Stars" this year -- too much going on! Sorry to let you down! :) *