Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hard at work

In order to save money, I've decided to cut/dig and mulch all our new flower beds--both sides of the house and the back yard. Wow. It's a lot of hard work (especially in this hot weather), but I enjoy the hard work. I usually head out in the evenings when it's cooler and get some work done. I just have one side of the house to cut and then I'll be ready to mulch. Yea!!! Like I said, I'm really enjoying myself and I love the feeling of accomplishment when I look at the yard. Just wait till I'm finished. ;)

We won't be adding any plants until next year. We are still trying to grow grass in our backyard, so we decided to go ahead and create the beds so that there are less places we need to seed. The grass in our backyard is pathetic. Oh, how I wish I could get that looking good. It's so depressing! Any ideas?