Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Loves

I don't know about you, but this summer has been super busy (with all good things) and seems to be flying by! How is it already almost July?! I have hardly updated my website or written a newsletter or blog because I am constantly running to another one of my kids' events. But I love it. :) My children are only young once and I love spending every single second with them (even when they are crying because I said no to candy -- I'm such a mean mom).

I am constantly looking for ways to make myself and my family healthier and enjoy life to the fullest, so here are a few more of my newest favorite things:

1. The Trekkie Skort by Athleta

Okay, so it isn't about being healthy, but these skorts are so dang comfortable and they make me look put together while requiring minimal effort. I love summer. I love the warm weather and wearing shorts, a sports shirt, and sandals. With this skort, I look a little more fancy, while not sacrificing on ease. The side pockets are perfect for my phone and keys when I am at my son's baseball games or my kids' soccer games. They also dry quickly if they get wet (my son might have dumped a bunch of water on my lap one day). Bonus, they are only $59. I loved my first one so much that I bought another one. :)

2. LUSH Cosmetics

This month, I spent the weekend in Chicago with my sister and some friends celebrating her 40th birthday. While there, we stopped into Macys at Watertower Place and I discovered LUSH. At first it just looked like a bunch of soaps, but as a looked closely I thought "these are my people." LUSH is all handmade from pure ingredients and no harmful chemicals. And it's more than just soap. There are face washes, masks, scrubs, and cosmetics. In my quest to get the chemicals out of my life, the last thing has been cosmetics (there are SO many chemicals in cosmetics and we, as women, wear them most of the day!). I fell in love with their cosmetics and feel like I am putting something good on my face.

3. TummyGize Essential Oil

Did you know Young Living has a kids line of oils called KidScents? My 3 year old daughter struggles with constipation (mainly from holding it in). We have made a lot of changes to her diet, but it still happens at times. I used to put DiGize and Peppemint diluted in coconut oil on her stomach, but it's takes a little bit more time and I worried about her, since these can be "hot" oils. I finally ordered TummyGize. Now, I put it directly on her stomach without fear of it hurting her and it aids in easing her stomach discomfort from constipation.


If you watch any children's television, you've probably seen the advertisement for ABCmouse. Well, after years on being brainwashed by the commercial ;) I finally signed my kids up for it. They LOVE it! Edmund is cruising through it and I love that it is keeping him engaged over the summer when so much of what they learn in school can me lost. I honestly wish I had done this sooner. I much prefer this for screen time instead of obsessively watching Netflix on his iPad. :)

5. Vionic Shoes

One more clothing item. I actually came across this brand of shoes at a store in downtown Naperville before we headed to Disney this past February. I have had multiple foot surgeries, so I am constantly looking for shoes that are good for my feet. These sandals are AMAZING. The arch support is beyond compare and they use Orthaheel Technology so that your feet are balanced and supported correctly. I wore them all around Disney and my feet never hurt. They are my go to sandals and I really need to get another pair. (Mine look a little worn, because our new dog chewed the strap when they were practically new and I got it repaired as best as possible, but now they are forever marred and I shed a little tear every time I look at them. ;) ) Also, they are an incredible price for this type of shoe -- these sandals are only $65 (for those of you that have searched for cute orthotic shoes, you know this is a steal).

I hope you are all having a fabulous summer and I hope to get back into the swing of things after the next couple weeks of craziness. :)

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